The Farrell Debating Club Searching for Excellence

En français:
Si vous parlez anglais couramment ou si vous souhaitez un jour pouvoir le faire, venez rejoindre notre ‘Farrell Debating Club’. Cinq membres maximum par groupe.

Simplement UNE Séance par mois.

Des kits distribué en avance avec les 6 thémes pour une préparation chez vous.

A bientôt.

En anglais:
I’m happy to announce that I am starting a Debating Club/Group.

This group will meet once per month – on the last Friday of each month, for two hours from 14h-16h.  There will be a total of six meetings (Jan – June).  This is a group for English speakers with an excellent knowledge of English.  The group is limited to five people maximum (plus myself).  It’s geared to busy people like yourself who don’t have time for a weekly lesson, or who find themselves in a group of ‘mixed’ learners.

The debates will be on a variety of subjects and each participant will be given his/her ‘Kit’ at the time of registration.  The kit includes the six themes for the year.  Each theme is presented with either a fact sheet or a short text and there is a ‘toolbox’ with the necessary vocabulary for this subject.  Therefore, each participant will be able to prepare their point of view and arguments well in advance.

Because the group is limited to only FIVE people, each member will have time to present their views individually.  This will be followed by a general discussion of the topic.

The dates will be –
29 January, 26 February, 26 March, 30 April, 28 May, 25 June.
These dates are subject to change if the group so decides.

The cost is 120 euros for the year.  This includes six meetings of two hours each, the registration kit with the six themes, and unlimited assistance by internet.  You can send me your presentation by internet for pre-correction.  If you are not already a member of Agora, there is the registration fee of 20 euros as well.

I hope this project will interest you.  I have been tempted to start up a ‘Searching for Excellence’ Group for a long time.   It will be a pleasure to have students of the same level and to have a true English debate about an interesting topic.  Hope to hear from you shortly as our first meeting is 29 January.

English Sans Souci,, 06 15 69 14 78

Have a fabulous day! The English Shop
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